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The Partnerships Analysis Tool for Partners in Health Promotion


posted by Katherine Lissienko on 10 June 2011

VicHealth (Victorian Health Promotion Foundation). Two documents: The Partnerships Analysis Tool and Collaboration and Alliances: A Review for VicHealth. 

  1. The partnerships analysis tool
    October 2008
    Based on the evaluation of a range of initiatives undertaken to promote mental health and wellbeing, John McLeod, on behalf of VicHealth, produced The Partnerships Analysis Tool to facilitate partnerships across sectors. It is a resource which (a) assists organisations to develop a clearer understanding of the range of purposes of collaborations, (b) reflects on the partnerships they have established and, (c) focuses on ways to strengthen new and existing partnerships by engaging in discussion about issues and ways forward.
  2. Collaboration and alliances: A review for VicHealth Dr Rae Walker
    September 2000
    This document is a review of the research literature on collaboration, and related issues, that is pertinent to the VicHealth Strategic Directions and the  Primary Care Partnership Strategy in Victoria.  Relevant literature has been drawn from a number of discipline areas including health sciences, organisational studies and social sciences.